Pink Eye Symptoms

Symptoms of Pink Eye are:
1) Eyelids may be swollen.

2) Looking at bright lights is painful.

3) Eye pain.

4) Redness in both eyes or one eye.

5) A large amount of discharge, yellow or greenish in color.

6) Itching.

7) Tearing.

8) Swelling of eye membranes.

9) Itchy nose.

10) Scratchy throat.

11) Foreign objects in the eye.

12) Crusts that form on the eyelid overnight.

13) Irritation in one or both eyes.

14) The white part of one or both eyes turning pink or in worst case turning red.

15) A gritty feeling in one or both eyes.

16) When you blink there is a sandy sensation in both eyes or one.

17) In bacterial conjunctivitis pus-like discharge oozes out of the eye.

18) Feeling as if something is in the eye.

19) Drainage from the eye.

20) Red bumps in the eye.

21) Soreness in the eyes.

22) Inflammation around the skin that outlines your eyelid and the under side of your eyeball.

23) More visible red blood vessels or lines around your eye or on the eyelid.

24) Eyes become sealed closed on waking in the morning.

25) Visual disturbances that may include double vision or blurry vision.

26) Intolerance to contact lenses.

27) Burning sensation.

28) It could also be caused by a sty or an inflammation of infection of the skin along the eyelid.

29) Discomfort in the eyes.

30) Watery secretion from the eyes.

31) Photo phobia(eye is sensitive to artificial and natural light).

Complied by Cassandra Silveira.
Article 6/90.
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