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House Pictures from all over the world. We started searching for House Pictures in 2005 and finally on February 18th 2009 we managed to start the first ever "World's Best Houses" contest. View the Best House Pictures in the world. You will really enjoy viewing the pictures of houses, villas, mansions or cottage homes on this house pictures site. We are sure you will love going through the House Pictures that follow.

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There will be more Pictures of Houses or Homes added in the coming weeks on our very own or Houses dot com. Our humble request is to sit back and enjoy the Houses from around the world! View the house pictures and tell your friends about this World's Best Houses site so they can View the homes too.
On this house pictures website you will find pictures or pics of houses including cottages, condos, bungalows, villas, mansions, detached homes, town houses, etc. There are pictures of houses from over 100 different countries featured here. Your job is to simply see the house pictures from around the world and View the best houses to live in the world. View the Best Houses to Live in on planet earth.

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You can send us your house or home pictures too. Simply drop us a line on speak at and send us your house pictures as an attachment in JPG format.

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House pictures to share on MySpace, Facebook, Digg. Post House pictures to your blog or send House pictures as an ecard to friends and family. Fotos de House from France, foto de House en Italy, imagenes House in Greece, House imagen de Germany, fotografias de House from India, Pictures of Houses in Spain, galeria de House de Thailand, galerie de House a Vietnam, Wales, Ireland, Scotland and China. House pictures in California, Florida, Texas, New York, Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Guam,, Illinois and Indiana House pictures.

Pictures of Beautiful Houses in Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada and New Hampshire House pictures. House pictures from the State of New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming pictures of Houses.

Good House pictures to view Whether day or night, evening or morning, winter or spring, sun or moon, stars or clouds, sky or earth, mud or water. Our pictures of Houses will give you dreams of Happy Holidays in Mauritius, Maldives, Cancun, Lima, Nepal, Kenya, Mozambique, Australia, New Zealand, North Africa, United States of America, Laos, Cambodia, Turkey, Hawaii, Panama, Spain, Italy and France.

Featured on this site are House pictures en Chicago, de Dallas, en Denver, au San Fransisco, a Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle, Houston, Phoenix, San Diego, San Jose, Miami, Jacksonville, Columbus, Austin, Baltimore, Memphis, El Paso, Milwaukee, Nashville, Charlotte, Fort Worth, Tucson and Portland House pictures. House pictures en Las Vegas, House pictures of New Orleans, from Long Beach, San Antonio, Columbus, Orlando, Sacramento, Tampa, Pittsburg, Cleveland, St. Louis, Atlanta, Jersey and Honolulu.

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Pictures of House in winter, summer, autumn, fall, monsoon or rainy season. You will see beautiful, lovely, amazing photos of a beach sunrise and sunset, garden parks on islands, stones and pebbles, plants and branches in fields, farms, flowers, trees in the forest, leaves in the wind, branches swaying in the breeze on a vacation island, waves at the ocean sea and the barks of a palm tree. Pictures of House by cottages near the bay, villas on a hill, cheap houses or homes in a small town, hot weather in a village, cold winters in the city, snow, rain, sunny beaches, moonlight nights in the country, preety countryside mornings, wonderful afternoon near a lake, picnic or hike down a mountain trail, scenic hills, deep jungle rainforest and nice landscapes.

House Pictures near an apartment building, bungalow, villas, condo, secluded cottage home, lonely lodge in the forest national park, cabin in the mountain range, peaceful creek, beautiful cove by the sea and river. Nice House pictures near and around African houses, Australian homes, American condos, British apartments, Indian Bungalows, Chinese huts, Asian farmhouses and European continents. House Pictures of Japan, big in South Africa, little Norway, small Sweden, around Denmark, by Iceland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Monaco, Venice, Madrid, Venezuela, Paris, Croatia, England and Prague House photos.

House Pictures in Costa Rica, Cayman Islands, Barbados, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Finland, Iceland, Peru and Goa. House Pictures from Sicily, House Picture in Los Angeles California, Havana Cuba, Buenos Aires Argentina, Crete, Hamburg, Santorini, Ibiza and Basel in Switzerland. House Pictures in Tuscany, Cyprus, Bali, Malaysia, Virgin Islands coast, Jamaica, east Cottage country, bed and breakfast houses in England, coastal lodges of Canada and mountains of Russia, Ukraine and Estonia House pictures.

House Pictures in Iraq, Dubai, Belarus, Syria, Siberia, Bristol UK, Great Britain, English speaking city of Mumbai, Spanish county in Nevada, French road in Paris, Italian street in Rome, New York avenue in USA House pictures. House Pictures near Harvard University, College of Miami in Florida, around the institute of Real Madrid in Spain, Casa en Mexico e Brazil, villa Italia en Italy, Carnival time House picture in West Indies islands. Pictures of House from Italy, Texas USA, England in Europe, China in Asia, Sydney in Australia, Wellington in New Zealand, Cannes in France, beautiful picture of House in North America. Photos of House in Tokyo Japan, Shanghai China, New Delhi India, Kolkata Bengal, near the hills of Assam in Northeast India, Turkey, Greece, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

Don't these House pictures have details?

Good Question Bro (or Sis). There are no details given for the House pictures as we do not have them. Besides no one in their right mind would gives us their real name and address.

Also, the fact that we have searched for the House pictures from places and countries like Assam and Helsinki (places some of our visitors haven't even heard of) as well as the fact that we have selected Houses from over 100 countries in all continents makes this whole viewing of homes online very interesting and fun.

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There are (so far) over 140 House pictures which are part of this site. We expect to have another 500 House pictures on here in the next few months.
Without much delay, bookmark this website for the Best Houses on Planet Earth and please, please, please tell others about this House Pictures site so they can View these Beautiful Houses!

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