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All our scary ghost stories are being moved to Enoma9 Ghost Stories. Over there, you will find that things are arranged a whole lot better thus enabling you to read, comment on and post new stories much more quickly than you could have done on our older sections.

We are also happy to inform you that we have received over 11,000 ghost stories since the year 2000 when we first started. However, due to limited bandwidth and human resources we could not check all of them and nor could we post the checked ones on our site. Now, we are in a position to make these changes over the next few days, weeks and months.

Savio DSilva Classes

You will surely enjoy reading all the interesting, fascinating and exciting stories that have been submitted over the last 14 years on our servers. Our aim is to rebuild the strong and very popular ghost and horror story community we once had few years ago. We want all the hundreds and thousands of visitors who drop by to come back again and again.

We miss our readers and we miss you too. You are probably a young teenager who just dropped by to read a few stories during your free time. But, we want you to help us rebuild our story community in the powerhouse of ghost and spirit information that it once was. That's why, we chose a website name that reflected what we want our community to be known as - a ghost stories information site.

We wish to post all 11,000 ghost stories online once again. That's when this horror story community (that was once the largest in the entire world) shall regroup and come together on a common platform once again. Enough of this, head over to our website solely for ghost stories and please contribute your own stories since you guys are the ones that made this Saviodsilva section so popular in the first place.


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