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If Dads raised the Kids 1
If Dads raised the Kids 2
How to get Him to save Money
Top Reason not to Get Married
The Worst Kind of Torture
What really Happens at Movie Sets
Absolutely Safe Sex
Top Reason not to be a Terrorist
Find the Car in this Photo
What's on their Minds
Top Reason not to be a Bull Fighter
How to Con a Deer Hunter
Really Good Solution to a Problem
One Footballer I will never Tackle
One X-Ray I never Wanna See
A Really Stupid Man
What Americans think of the White House
A Really Clever Police Man
Proof that Swimmers prefer Blondes
Proof that Men can't Cook
Proof that Your Love Making Days are Over
A very Popular Greeting Card
Proof that Men can't get Women off their Minds
Something that Happens only in Texas
When to Stop buying her more Drinks
The Real Reason for Beer Bellies
Never fool around with a Magic Lamp
Her Husband & the Postman Story
If Dads raised the Kids 3
Porno for Beginners
Why Girls have all the Fun
Always complete reading the Book
Hooter Meter - All Guys should Buy this
Why this is the Ultimate Beer for Guys
Award Winning Cow in the Tree Photo
A really Sick Bastard
Great T-Shirt to buy for Your Girl
A really Embarassing Emergency
Why never to keep a Dog & Cat at Home
Never be Casual with a Nudist
Why only a Few People knock on Your Door
Every Man's Favorite Female Politician
Another Sick Male Bastard
One More Sick Male Bastard
What really makes a Woman happy
When it's been a While...
Beware of him Learning this trick Girls
Really Interesting Billboard Sign 1
Pay Heed to what the Church says Ladies
1st Restaurant I will never Visit
2nd Restaurant I will never Visit
Restaurant thats Popular with all Guys
A Picture for Dirty Minds
1 School I will never go to
A very Considerate Billboard Sign
A very Scary Billboard Sign
Typical MacDonald's Billboard Sign
Place where all Ladies love to Go
The Best Hand Job in Town??
I think this means No Candy
Fired for Testing Positive for Coke
Never Marry Women like this one Guys
Hey! I like your Piercing
Proof that Breast Implants last Forever
Got Milk?? - The Alien Version
When Actions speak Louder than Words
Why I will never Marry a Chick from Arizona
A Couple of Sick Bastards
Another Couple of Sick Bastards
Something to Smile about
Choose Your Man - The Russian Man
Choose Your Man - The American Man
Choose Your Man - The Italian Man
Choose Your Man - The Indian Man
Choose Your Man - The Egyptian Man
Choose Your Man - The African Man
Choose Your Man - The Chinese Man
Choose Your Man - The Cuban Man
Why Dogs shouldn't Pee near Trees
Why Dogs shouldn't Drink or Smoke
A Scene in every Woman's Bedroom
Signs When a Relationship is turning Sour
A Group of Sick Bastards

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