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2017 Revised Disclaimer
We strive our utmost best to satisfy our visitors both regular and new. Please read this document carefully, before accessing any of our websites. Enoma is owned by Savio DSilva and also covered under this disclaimer.

Part 0
Our entire network of hundreds of websites firmly stand for the covenant of "Free Speech". There are few visitors who visit a site part of our network of Savio DSilva Websites and dislike some of the expressions, words, images and phrases used on some of our content rich spaces online. We apologize to you for such instances you may encounter while browsing such content but we cannot do anything more to help you (in such cases) since we openly support and love "Free Speech". We firmly support the total freedom of expression, emotion and action on the web.

Part 1
You will not hold our network responsible for any reason whatsoever and especially for our textual and graphic content, emails sent and other form of communicative messages through and on our website network.

Part 2
There are no blockbuster movies or copyrighted music stored on our websites. Kindly do not waste your time trying to find any "pirated" material on our websites. Please inform us if you find any such page on our site which links to copyrighted movie or music files. We will promptly remove such pages and take action against those that posted the same there.

Part 3
Some of the content used on our websites were collected from the internet or free sites and are not copyrighted as far as we know. Please let us know if we have unknowingly posted any copyrighted material on our website. You may email us or use our contact form on our homepage to intimate us about such matters. We will remove the suspected material promptly.

Kindly Note : We have been receiving a few emails regarding articles, poems and images on certain pages of our websites be removed as the original copyright holder no longer wants them there. We remove any such content within 10 days of receiving such a notice. We have no intention of posting any copyrighted material without your permission.

If you are the original copyright holder of any image, article or other content posted on any of your websites, blogs or pages then you may contact us with the details of copyright ownership you have so that we can verify the same and remove the said content promptly. Please note that we receive few such requests from competing websites which do not actually own copyrights to the said copyrighted content. At such times we will spare nothing to ensure that such fake requests are reported to the authorities.

Part 4
You will not hold our websites responsible for any reason whatsoever for our content, messages, material, and more. Logging onto our websites certainly does not entitle you to any special rights or privileges apart from browsing our site.

Part 5
Any blog posts, articles, images, advice, tips, suggestions and answers given on our websites are helpful to certain people in certain situations. However they must be followed at your own risk. We do not endorse the views, comments or actions displayed anywhere on any of our pages, blogs and sites. Following such content or material or paying heed to them must be done purely at your own risk.

Part 6
We do not take any responsibility for actions undertaken or arisen out of viewing the content on our sites by site visitors or anyone else. Adult content on our websites are intended for the viewing of adults only and for people above 21 years of age.

Part 7
We do not collect your email neither do we send out any emails to you without your permission. We do not even have any sort of newsletter currently.

Part 8
At times, certain visitors to our pages, sites or blogs find the content shown to be offensive to them or someone else they know. In such cases it would be wise to first contact us about such content, and give us your reasons for finding the same offensive. We shall look into the same very carefully, and respond to your grievances within due course of time. However, before contacting us please remember that "free speech" is a fundamental right in most parts of the world, and if the content you found offensive comes under the banner of "free speech" then perhaps you should respect the views of the content writer or photographer and move on with your life.

Part 9
Savio DSilva Websites owns, manages, and operates hundreds of websites, blogs, and pages online. Please be very specific when contacting us about anything on any of our pages as it will be very difficult for us to know what you are talking about. We are not at all responsible for emails sent to the wrong address or messages delivered without specific subjects. Please be kind enough to always mention some details about yourself including your full name, your residence, your date of birth, and more so that we can identify you much better.

Thank You for taking the time to read our disclaimer and hope you enjoy your time online.


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