Relationship Quiz : Are You Two Compatible

1. You receive a windfall! Do you and your lover ?

Have a huge fight about what to do with the money?
Split the money in half and each do something different with it?
Agree on what to do and then do it?

2. The amount of lovemaking you have is ?

More or less right for both of you
Too much for one and not enough for the other
Perfect for one of you, not so good for the other

3. When it comes to children, you ?

Have wildly different views on things
Usually agree with each other
Are still discussing it

4. You absolutely hate your lover's best friend. Do you:

Have this person to the house reluctantly and infrequently?
Amuse yourself with your own friends when they go out together?
Insist that this person disappear from both your lives?

5. Your father-in-law is driving you crazy. Do you:

Expect your spouse to back you up?
Expect your spouse to drop all contact with the man?
Expect your spouse to go and see him alone?

6. Your spouse HATES Italian food, but you love it. Do you :

Decide that giving up pasta is probably better for your waistline anyway?
Go out for Italian once a year, on your birthday?
Go out for Italian with your own friends when your spouse is doing something else?

7. On your  spouse's last birthday, did your gift:

Turn out to be something your spouse has never used?
Turn out to be something your spouse used once, then put away?
Turn out to be something your spouse is still using and enjoying today?

8. It's been a long night, and you are ready to go home. Do you?

Leave, but about an  hour after you would have liked to?
Find yourself nagging or arguing about leaving?
Give your spouse that little signal from across the room that says "time to go"?

9. Your spouse has arranged a special suprise for you. Is it:

Something you love?
Something you like?
Nice try, dear?

10. If you could go back and change history, would you be with the same person now?


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