Personal Questions To Ask A Guy, Your Boyfriend, Guys, Boys

Random Personal Questions To Ask A Guy, Your Boyfriend

Virgin or not?
How sexual are you on a scale of 1-10?
Have you ever slept with somone 10 years or more older than you?
Over 10 years younger?
When was the last time you were REALLY turned on?
Does love = sex?
Do you like to talk dirtily on the phone or online?
What is the first physical thing you notice in the opposite sex?
Do you want children?
Are you bi-sexual?
Would you make a fool out of yourself in public if it meant you were making your partner laugh?
Would you prefer the lights on or off during sex?

Good Personal Questions to ask a Guy or Guys

Do you judge people solely based on their body or physical assets?
If you could ‘take back’ your virginity from your first partner, would you?
Do you like kissing in public?
Do you have a fetish that you would like to employ in your next relationship?
When fooling around with someone, do you sometimes have sexual fantasies about other people?
Do you consider yourself sexually open minded?
Have you ever had a true one-night stand?
Have you ever posed as a nude model?
Have you ever cheated on a girlfriend before?
What would you do if you were alone in the Playboy-Mansion with 250 Playmates?

Personal Questions to ask your Boyfriend, Lover or Male Partner

How many people have you had sex with before me?
Would you tattoo my name on your upper arm?
What Would You Like Me To Do To You?
What is your Ultimate Fantasy?
Should I Enroll in Pole Dancing Classes?
Should We Go To Victoria's Secrets?
Should I Get A Brazilian?
Can I Tie You Up?
What Would You Like To Do To Me?
Shall I Dress Up?
What's Your Favorite Position?
How many times in a day, if at all, is it normal for people to have sex?
Is taking a pen or scratch pad from work considered stealing?
If you found someone's wallet and there was a fifty dollar bill inside, what would you do with it?
If your friend was cheating on their lover, would you tell them to stop?

Very Personal Questions to ask Guys, your Man or Male Partner

How often do you masturbate?
When you first met me, what was the first thing that attracted you to me?
If I don't express it to you, how do you know that I want to make love?
How do you feel if I walk into the bathroom when you are in the middle of using the facilities?
After I had asked you out for the first time, was there any part of you that wanted to say no?
Did anyone help you figure out how to ask me out on a first date?
What are your views on open relationships?
Do I ever embarrass you in public?
Who do is the dominant one in a relationship - the guy or girl?
Is it okay for one partner in a couple to take a vacation alone?
When you have sexual fantasies, who do you usually think of?
What did you think of me when you first saw me?
Which was the moment when I impressed you most?
What body part that you like in me most?
What don't you like about me?

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