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    Online Certificate Course In Counseling Skills By SDC

    Possibly among the best online training programs in counseling that's available on the internet right now. The course has been carefully structured so that students enrolled will have an in-depth knowledge on the core topics and essential concepts in this particular vocation.

    A well trained counselor is a genuine helper and the foremost aim of this course is not just to educate you, but to train you. You are guaranteed to be an effective counselor once you complete this course.

    This certificate course gives you access to the best notes on counseling while granting you exclusive access to scripts of over 10 counseling sessions conducted in actual counseling environments and with real clients.

    Course Syllabus
    Effective counseling skills
    Ethics, values and attitudes
    Key qualities of a counselor
    Basic therapy skills
    Creative and classical therapy
    Metaphor and projective therapy
    The counseling environment
    Counseling for depression
    Counseling for anxiety
    Marriage counseling basics
    Career counseling basics
    Grief counseling basics
    Rational emotive behavior therapy

    Counseling Skills
    Counseling is the art of effective listening combined with science of psychology to ensure a healthy mental state for the concerned client. Conducting helping conversations require the helper to possess a unique skill set. To be effective in counseling the helper needs to be well versed in many aspects which are discussed in brief in the following

    • Effective listening: The counselor should be able to focus completely on the conversation and be able to understand what the client is trying to convey. It involves listening with no bias. He should be a good judge of body language. He should not dominate the conversation.

    • Empathy: It is (may the most) important skill that a counselor should possess. Empathy is the skill of conveying your understanding of another person’s predicament through both verbal and non-verbal communication. Without empathy there will be no connection/bond between counselor and client. The client will never be comfortable in opening up to you.

    • Non-verbal communication: In counseling non-verbal communications like nodding, facial expressions, sounds (umms and hmms) convey your attentiveness and encourage the client to continue talking. Mirroring people also helps in creating a conducive atmosphere for open discussion.

    • Summarizing : It is a very helpful skill during counseling. At major check points during the conversations or even when you are in doubt about where the conversation is going, summarizing what has transpired so far is your best response. It helps both parties to ensure you are on the right track. It also gives the client some valuable time to reflect on his own story. When in doubt, summarize.

    Learn counseling under a master trainer and one of the best counselors in the country. With years of experience and education under his belt, Savio D'Silva is well versed in every single topic of this online training program.


    URL: http://saviodsilva.com
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